Day trip ideas from Maastricht

By Miruna on Thursday 19 October 2023 at 09:41
Day trip ideas from Maastricht

Calling all students! You’ve moved to Maastricht, but we’re here to let you know there is more to discover about student life in the Netherlands waiting for you beyond just these city limits. There’s a treasure trove of hidden gems out there and the best part? You can reach them all in less than an hour! All you have to do is throw yourself in and make the most out of the local bus and train systems. Let’s dive into the magic that lies just a short trip away from Maastricht.


Keeping within the Dutch borders, just 15 minutes away by direct train (Stoptrein RS18/ Sneltrein RE18), you can get to the fairytale town of Valkenburg. Besides the ancient castle ruins, caves and delightful Christmas markets, there’s always something to do here. Whether you’re into art, music, cycling or simple walks around picturesque nature, Valkenburg is bound to be a captivating visit. If you want your trip to be as memorable as can be, make sure to check out the Rodelbaan – a toboggan ride that offers not only adrenaline, but also a breathtaking view!

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Along the Maas river, Eijsden is yet another Dutch gem within 30 minutes of travelling from Maastricht! You can take either the 15 bus or an NMBS train – S43 5391 towards Liège-Guillemins and in just ten minutes you’ll be sipping tea by the river in Eijsden. What is there to see here? Well, there’s definitely a wide range – a castle surrounded by gardens, museums, cosy cobbled streets to walk along or even a pedestrian ferry ride along the river that you can catch with your friends!


Crossing the border into Belgium now, Liège is a highly popular attraction due to its closeness to Maastricht – only half an hour by train. Catch a SNCB international train and hop off to catch a glimpse of the modern architecture of the railway station. Next? Wander through the Historic Old Town, delve into the city’s underground history, challenge yourself to climb 374 steps for a striking panoramic view or simply taste the Belgian waffles and fries – trust me, you’ll be going back for those alone 🙂 For those of you who value nightlife, Liège won’t disappoint. Live music venues, bars and clubs are always waiting for party enthusiasts for a night of unforgettable fun!


Also in Belgium and reached by SNCB International trains, Hasselt offers a blend of culture, nature, and culinary delights. This city is your stop if you’re looking for a relaxing time – its enchanting parks and hiking trails offer a serene escape from the demands of student life. Home to the well known festival of Pukkelpop, Hasselt also encases multiple art exhibitions such as the “Modemuseum”, where you can learn all about fashion; the catch? The exhibition changes every six months to keep the experience as engaging as can be!


Yet another Belgian serene haven for nature enthusiasts, Maasmechelen houses the Hoge Kempen National Park’s most panoramic gateway, with a lake as vibrant in colour as you’ve ever seen! In addition to the beauty and historical charm of this city, however, Maasmechelen boasts another enticing attraction – the Maasmechelen Village Outlet, perfect for those seeking high-quality brands and designer fashion at discounted prices.


Last but not least, let’s cross the border again – this time, however, we’ll go to Germany. Within a bit over an hour, bus 350 will take you from Maastricht to the captivating storybook town of Aachen. This city is mainly known for its impressive cathedral, the Aachener Dom, which simply calls for 20 pictures in your camera roll. However, a visit to Aachen wouldn’t be complete without sampling its renowned specialty – Aachener Printen, a sort of gingerbread that will make your heart feel warm.


Satying in the Netherlands for Christmas? Being away from family might be hard, but I can vouch that the Christmas Market in Aachen is the touch of festive magic you need. The scent of mulled wine, twinkling lights, warming your hands around a steaming cup of hot chocolate are just a glimpse of what makes the market a true winter wonderland.

Aachen Christmas Market

Abundant adventures await you just outside Maastricht: explore, create memories, and make the most out of student discounts when travelling! For more tips on that, check out the travel section of our website and follow our socials !


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