Scenic Spots in and around Maastricht

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Scenic Spots in and around Maastricht

Spring is underway! What better way to settle into a new city than to explore the beautiful scenery it has to offer! Just like me, you could be very surprised to discover a new spot you haven’t yet visited. We believe there’s a spot here for everyone, even if you’ve been living here for a while. Whether you’d like to just sit and take in the view while enjoying a drink with company or if you’re a seasoned walker looking for a route with killer scenery. Lucky for you we have a nature enthusiast on our team by the name of Thomas, who has kindly mapped out walking routes that take you along these spots. You may need to first cycle for a brief period to get to these locations (take it from a non-cyclist, it’s very brief!). But a beautiful walk awaits you once you get there. So here it is, our list of our favorite spots!


Sint Pietersberg

ENCI Groeve in Sint Pieter

For many this may have been their first introduction to the natural scenery in Maastricht. Here you’ll find at the top of the hill the Fort St Pieter. You can venture through the lush green fields and you can also find the quarry ENCI Groeve (pictured) in Sint Pietersberg. This neighborhood is without a doubt a perfect spot to either go on a hike or sit atop of the hill and watch the sun set over Maastricht. The best part? You can reach the Fort within a 15-20 minute walk from the city! We recently went on this route
 that takes you round the last end of St. Pietersberg. For this route you will first need to cycle there but if you’ve usually only ventured closer to the Fort then this will surely be a new uncovered part of Sint Pietersberg for you!

Hogefronten Park

Hogefronten park viewpoint


I mentioned earlier that I discovered some spots a little late and this is one of them, albeit it being located within the city on Statensingel. You can escape the buzz of the city during lunch and find yourself within the fortress walls of this nature park. Here you will find the remains of old fortifications, a rugged and exciting path at every twist and turn and at its highest point you’ll be able to take in the view of the park and have the city as your backdrop. Follow one of our routes.


Viewpoint during our team walk in Bemelen.


We are now going slightly beyond city limits into another Limburg town called Bemelen. Just east of the town is Bemelerberg, a nature reserve rolling with hills that is famous amongst cyclists. It’s also a great scenic location for walking! If you follow the trail that we’ve provided, there’s a great surprise awaiting you (hint it’s a bench with an incredible view). We enjoyed a wonderful team meeting here once; where I mostly got distracted by watching the goats graze! This route did require some cycling to get to the route, however speaking as your local friendly non-cyclist, the cool goats were totally worth it!


Path at Kasteel Eijsden, Oost-Maarland


Located about 15-20minutes by bike from Maastricht, you can enjoy the cool spring breeze in your face and sightings of wild horses along the way. This is definitely worth the cycle! You get to trail along the Meuse river- you might be noticing a theme here but yes a beautiful bench awaits you at the tip of the peninsula with a view to die for! This route is a perfect trip during the weekend if you want to escape the city for the day and enjoy a different view of the Maas river.



View point on Belgian-Dutch border


Across the Belgian-Dutch border you’ll find Fort Eben-Emael. Here you can follow the scenic trails and learn about the history of this fortification. You can enter the caves as well, just remember to bring some light! Follow our route here.

Always remember to respect nature; Stay on the paths, don’t leave your trash behind and keep the music down. We would want to preserve these beautiful areas as much as we can. If there are no trash bins nearby then please take your trash with you! We hope you enjoy these routes as much as we have. You’re welcome to amend them to your liking of course! If you’re ever just exploring the city, we’ve marked some scenic spots on our city map. Let us know what you think of the routes, you can tag us on Instagram @mymaastricht if you visit one of these spots!  


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