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Student Friendly Businesses - La Salonard

This toastie will kill you and you’ll die happy.”

This is a quote from our old social media manager Nile Verleur. She is slightly lactose intolerant, so this toastie really did nearly kill her. She still says it was worth it.

You know the struggle- you’re at the ICL, you’re starving, you go down to the sad library cafe. You look around, desparately trying to find some appetising food, but all you see is limp salads and plastic cheese on stale bread.

This is not what you deserve.

You’re studying hard, you have four exams to do, you nearly broke your arm running through the ICL doors at 8am. You deserve a warm, filling, rich meal that will fill you up until you can order Da Nonna for dinner.

You leave the sad library cafe and venture out to find food. You’re worth more than this.

What will save your weary soul today is the toastie from La Salonard. The shop is only 50m from Cato by Cato, just past Koffie (also excellent choices, but more on that another time) You walk in the door and the smell of cheese is so strong it slaps you in the face. There is wine that costs 50 euros, and bread that looks stronger and healthier than you are. Don’t be intimidated! Stand tall, and when the lovely chic lady behind the tower of bread and wine and cheese asks how she can help you, say you’d like the toastie, agree to the truffle mayonnaise (it’s free, included in the price!) and settle back to bask in the rich heady smell of cheese and wine.

Whilst you’re waiting, it’s also possible to get yourself some lovely raspberry- lemon or cucumber-mint lemonade, or even some small cakes and treats!

After 5 minutes, what will appear is the most delicious toastie you have ever seen in your life. The bread is perfectly golden brown, gently dimpled with griddle lines. The cheese is silken and oozing, the ham isn’t just ham, its freshly sliced and perfectly seasoned charcuterie. Even the box it comes in is rustic and aesthetically pleasing.

This is what you deserve. Something goey and warm and beautiful, all with a side of truffle mayonnaise. It costs 5,50 euros, but its so filling that it should cost 10.

You take your toastie, step back into air that doesn’t smell of cheese, and walk back to the library, the envy of everyone who turns their heads when they catch the scent of what you’re holding.

Enjoy your toastie- this is what you deserve.

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