Finding a job

Finding a job in Maastricht is something that most students do at some point within their studies.

Start with the Maastricht University Vacancy Board, which advertises lots of student jobs, graduate jobs, internships and more in a variety of different fields of work. 

If you would like to work within the university, you can take a look at the options for paid student jobs within the university. There is also InterUM Studentjobs which s specifically for motivated students looking for knowledge intensive jobs. 

Maastricht University recommends looking for work through a temping agency (uitzendbureau), who create a profile with you and then help you find a job suitable to your skills. As soon as the agency has found a suitable job they will contact you. They might invite you to come by to discuss details and eventually sign a contract. The job agency will act as your employer and match you to companies that need temporary and flexible workers. Just search online for “Uitzendbureau Maastricht” to find all the job agencies you can apply to.

Finally, bars and restaurants often need an extra pair of hands to help with waiting, bartending, cooking or cleaning. Check out our map for all the restaurants and bars in Maastricht. 

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