Internships are a fantastic way to gain work experience in your field of study. In some degree programs, internships are part of your curriculum. Even if your degree does not offer an internship component, it is still possible to arrange one yourself.

If you’re looking for an internship, then the first point of contact should be your faculty. Most faculties will have an internship office or a study advisor who can help you with information on practicalities and requirements. They might also have a vacancy board listing all internship positions related to the University, or specifically offered to students of your University by different businesses.

You can see the possibilities of doing an internship within your study here.

International students with a non-EU/EEA nationality who are doing a traineeship as part of their studies in the Netherlands do not need a work permit. However, there must be a trainee/internship agreement between the employer, the trainee and the host institution.

Also remember that if you are conducting a paid internship, you will need to take out Dutch basic health insurance.

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