Internships and volunteering

Internships and volunteering experiences are a fantastic way to gain work experience in your field of study. We’ll cover the information needed for you to get started in building your curriculum!


If you’re looking for an internship, the first point of contact should be your faculty. Most faculties will have an internship office or a study advisor who can help you with information on practicalities and requirements. They might also have a vacancy board listing all internship positions related to your university, or specifically offered to students of your university by different businesses.

For Maastricht University, start your internship search at the university’s pages on internships. The UM Vacancy Board also lists internship opportunities regularly. Students at Zuyd University should contact their faculty to inquire about internship opportunities.


The requirements to conduct a (paid) internship are the same as those to pursue employment in the Netherlands. The link will take you to our dedicated page where we cover everything you need to know.

Also remember that if you are conducting a paid internship, you will need to take out Dutch basic health insurance.


Volunteering helps society and looks good on your CV. Through voluntary work, you can demonstrate that you convert your concern with societal issues into action, that you’re responsible and that you can take initiative. Thankfully, volunteering opportunities in Maastricht abound. Here are some links to get you started:

  • Match helps students to contribute to the community of Maastricht. By facilitating volunteering, Match enables students to develop their skills and use their talents in real-life practice; their map is a great resource for volunteering opportunities in Maastricht
  • You can also look for voluntary work vacancies in the UM Vacancy Board
  • Take a look at vacancy websites in the Overview Career Links
  • Serve the City helps people in adverse circumstances through sports, games, music and much more by organizing meaningful opportunities for you as a volunteer to be involved in your own city
  • The United Nations Student Association Maastricht also offers various volunteering opportunities

There are plenty more organisations with whom you can volunteer. Check out our community page to find them!

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