A guide to understanding the waste collection levy (BSGW) and applying for a remission

By Miruna on Wednesday 21 February 2024 at 18:36
A guide to understanding the waste collection levy (BSGW) and applying for a remission

Afvalstoffenheffing, also known as the waste collection levy, is a tax paid by every household in Maastricht for trash collection by the municipality. Issued by the BSGW (Belastingsamenwerking Gemeenten en Waterschappen/ Councils and Water Boards Tax Collaboration), this bill is sent to the resident that has been registered at the address for the longest time period – however, that doesn’t mean that person needs to pay everything! Rather, the bill should be split equally among tenants. 

The expected costs for 2024 are:

  • €328.56 – fixed amount per household (fixed right)
  • €401.76 – fixed amount for households that use a garbage chute or underground residual waste container

 You can expect to receive this bill between late February and early March. However, if you’re registered with MijnOverheid and have the digital mailbox activated, it’s highly probable that you’ll get the notice there, so keep an eye on it!

Unfortunately, you cannot object to the amount that you’re being taxed. However, you can apply for a remission! Known as kwijtschelding, this waiver can essentially lower the sum that you’ll need to pay. This is only possible for tax assessments that have not been paid yet or have not been paid more than 3 months ago.

If you’re applying for the first time, you first need to know if you qualify for this local tax remission. If you only have up to €1,700 in savings in your bank account and one motorised vehicle, you should be good to go! Keep in mind that your income will also affect the amount of money which will be deducted from your bill. 

The online application process can be followed step-by-step using this guiding document.


If you’d rather send the application via post letter, you can find the steps in our video 

Nevertheless, if you’re re-applying, the process looks a bit different: follow the first five steps of our guidance document, until you see the heading ‘Aanvullend bewijs inkomen‘.  This is the point where you will have to upload the following relevant documents to attesting your income level: 

  • Proof of income (e.g. payslips) for the last three months for you and/or your potential partner 
  • Health insurance policy in the Netherlands (if any) 
  • House/flat/studio rental contract 
  • Proof of received or paid alimony (if any)
  • Proof of having a debt payment agreement with the Dutch Tax Office

When you are done, choose ‘Uw aanvraag controleren‘, and then ‘Uw aanvraag afronden‘ to confirm your application.

Now that everything’s good to go, you’ll have to wait 12 weeks for your application to be processed. The decision will reach you by post. On the bright side, during that time your payment obligations will be suspended! 

If you have any other questions visit our finance page or send us a DM!


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