How I found housing

By Ronja Holopainen on Thursday 7 September 2023 at 05:57
How I found housing

Hey hey! 

In our last blog (that we hope you all read or at least took a quick look at), we talked about how you can find housing and even gave you a step-by-step guide on how we believe the best way to do this is. This was based on our own experiences of being students in Maastricht so we aint lying. In this post, I’m going to share more of my own personal story to show you how I found my – not one – but two homes so far in Maasi (I know, I’m a lucky duck). 

I moved to Maastricht two years ago, and in the first year, I lived in a traditional student house. We were five people with shared common spaces, a kitchen and a toilet. I started this room search very late in the year, because I only decided to move to Maastricht quite last minute, in mid-July (shocking I know). I was so blatantly unaware of the housing situation at the time, so I had no idea that finding a place this late in the year would be a problem. 

To find a room as fast as possible, I started excessively checking out every single Maastricht housing-related Facebook group. I turned my notifications on for all the groups, and every time I saw something that looked in any way decent, I straight-away messaged them about the place. Eventually, I managed to get two viewings and, luckily, bagged one of the places through these viewings. 

For my second year in Maastricht, I moved to a bigger house with a friend of mine. We had quite a few requirements for the place, but as I was a bit smarter about the housing situation at this point, we began looking for a home in early April. I did the same rigmarole as before and subscribed to all the websites I could and turned the notifications on for ALL of the Facebook groups. As I was doing this search early on, and I could go to live viewings as I already lived in Maastricht, we managed to find a place by mid-May. 

However, during that time, the housing market was moving extremely fast and often, places were already gone before the viewing was even over, so the place we ended up moving into was one we had actually never seen before. But now, I would never recommend doing this! I had friends who had rented through the same agency, so I knew it was legit. I had been to a few of the company’s viewings and had observed that the places looked like they had in the photos online so, we ended up choosing to rent out a place without seeing it. But as I said, I would never recommend doing this! We got lucky for sure. 

Now, I’m starting my third year in Maastricht, and I’m staying in the same house. I’m delighted that I don’t need to move again after these experiences but if I survived it, you can too. Just keep the faith guys and best of luck out there! 


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