Savvy student spending

By Miruna on Thursday 9 May 2024 at 21:51
Savvy student spending

Navigating student life often means sticking to a budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the best parts of being a student in the city of Maastricht. From food and groceries to entertainment and shopping, leveraging the right apps can make a world of difference to your experience. During my stay in Maastricht, I’ve stumbled upon a bunch of apps that have definitely helped my bank account a bunch of times – maybe you’ll love them too!

  • Too good to go

This is a complete win-win: you get delicious food at a low cost and help businesses reduce their waste! There’s also an element of excitement, as the app only provides “surprise bags”, which always keeps me on my toes and makes for a fun unboxing experience. These goodie bags include anything from bakery goods to restaurant meals that didn’t sell out during the day, offered at a fraction of the original product price.

Download here!

  • Social Deal

A “jack of all trades”, this app helps you discover the best services, events, and meals at discounted prices. It provides daily deals on activities ranging from dining out to spa visits, hotel-room bookings and even fun parks, making it easier to explore Maastricht, or any other city, without going over-budget. In my time using this app I’ve found many activities I would have never have even thought to try out, which makes it all the more fun. An example, to get you acquainted with what to expect from Social Deal – you can get a ticket to Jumpsquare Maastricht and feel the nostalgic throwback to childhood funfairs with a Slushy, all for €9.50 – discounted from €21!

Download here!

  • Picnic

Want to save time and money or simply avoid biking in the rain to Albert Heijn? Maybe you’ve heard of Flink (grocery delivery services), but what if I told you there’s an even better alternative? With a new take on grocery shopping, Picnic offers lower prices and convenient home delivery by operating exclusively online and optimizing delivery routes. Their sales often include 1+1 promos or significant discounts on items I consider crucial to everyday life, like hygiene products or the daily dose of veggies.

Download here!

  • StudentBeans & Unidays

Both these apps/ websites are essential for any student looking to save on fashion, tech, travel, and more. These platforms partner with brands such as Asos, H&M, FlixBus and Nike to offer exclusive student discounts and deals. Whether you need a new laptop or just want to update your wardrobe, these apps make it so much more affordable!



  • AlleFolders

Honestly this is the perfect find for deal hunters who want to keep up with the latest sales and promotions. The app collects all the current flyers and promotions from a wide range of stores, allowing you to browse them digitally from the comfort of your own bed. It’s great for planning your shopping trips and ensuring you never miss a discount – which, after a pricey night out, can be quite the hack!

Download here!

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