buying a bike

One of the first things you should get round to in Maastricht is buying a bike. You can visit one of the many bike shops to buy a new or second hand bicycle.

Buying a bike on Facebook or Marktplaats

It is also quite easy to pick up a second hand bike through Facebook. Buy/Sell a bike in Maastricht is a good place to start, but you will find a number of similar pages with a quick search. Since you’re dealing with second hand bikes from a person you don’t know, you’re buying the bike in good faith and it could be stolen. This is dangerous- it is illegal to buy a stolen bike, and you’re risking a hefty fine. 

You can check the bike serial number against the database on the RDW website.  Even if it doesn’t come up, ask the seller to write and sign a document stating he is the rightful owner of the bike. This should state the serial number of the bike, the date, location and price you bought the bike for. This way you cover yourself for any legal liability in the event you bought a stolen bike in good faith.

Another option is Marktplaats (Dutch equivalent to Ebay).  Always go and see the bike before you decide to buy it. That way you can check if the bike is in good shape and you can write down the seller’s contact details just in case something goes wrong. Be sensible when visiting a strangers house- take a trusted friend with you, or tell someone where you’re going.

Volunteering for a bike 

If you’re on a limited budget but are willing to do a little work in exchange for a bike, try the Fietsbank Maastricht. This is a foundation by volunteers who make bikes and bike repairs available for people on a limited income. You can also donate bikes and spare parts.

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