Road safety and rules

The Dutch government has set up rules for all users of the road (including cyclists) to ensure everyone’s safety. You can find a complete overview of these rules here (in Dutch), and make sure to follow these general guidelines:

  1. Notice those weird triangles on certain roads / bike paths? Those are shark’s teeth (in Dutch: haaientanden). If the triangle points towards you, you should give way at the traffic injunction, meaning you have to stop. The same is true for the opposite – if they point away from you, then you have the right of way
  2. Always give way to traffic coming from your right-hand side if there are no traffic lights or shark’s teeth
  3. Always make sure you have working lights. As soon as visibility gets bad (because it’s nighttime / foggy / rainy), bike lights and reflectors are a must, and without them you risk getting a fine. It’s also important for your own safety!
  4. Always park your bike in a bicycle rack or in a bike parking zone. This is to ensure that people with disabilities are able to use the sidewalk properly and to prevent any accidents from happening. 
  5. Always make sure that your bike’s tires have enough air in them. This will also save you some sweat when cycling.
  6. Use your arm to indicate if / when you are turning (e.g. if you are exiting right, stick out your right arm clearly to signal any other road-users that you are about to turn)
  7. Cycling is prohibited in pedestrianised streets (the inner city) between certain hours; these hours are indicated at the ends of the pedestrianised areas, so always check to avoid fines (also see map below)
  8. It is forbidden to cycle while holding your phone. This means that you cannot have your phone in your hand to make phone calls, send messages, listen to music, or navigate. Doing so may result in a fine!

These rules are here to make cycling safe and fun for everyone. Thus, it is also important to comply with the rules. Failing to comply with rules might also result in a fine, or your bike being relocated by the municipality. Read more information on the website of the Royal Dutch tourist union (ANWB) or

You may have noticed red signs around the city with a #posifiets on the side. Posifiets is an initiative of the Maastricht Bereikbaar trying to implement a positive cycling culture to Maastricht. They provide the citizens of Maastricht with information on how to make cycling more safe or convenient. On their website you can for example find a map of all the public bike racks and facilities in the city centre. 

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