road safety

The Dutch government has set up rules for all users of the road (including bikes) to ensure everybody’s safety. You can find a complete overview of the rules here (in dutch), and make sure to follow these general guidelines:

  • Always give way to traffic coming from your right-hand side if there are no traffic lights or shark’s teeth
  • Always make sure you have working lights
  • Always park your bike in a bicycle rack
  • Always make sure that your bike’s tires have enough air in them
  • Cycling is prohibited in pedestrianised streets (the inner city) from 09.00 until 18.30 (Thursdays until 21.00)

Look at the map below to see what we mean by pedestrianised streets. It’s really important that you don’t cycle here during the day, as the fine is 64€, and the police are starting to be more active in looking for people breaking this law.

Failing to comply with the other rules might also result in a fine, or your bike being relocated by the municipality. Read more information on the website of the Royal Dutch tourist union (ANWB) or

The International Student Network, or ISN, offers bike workshops twice a year. To find out when and where the workshops take place, follow ISN Maastricht on Facebook or check out their website.

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