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Located in the heart of Europe, getting to Maastricht by plane is super simple. This section shows you the closest airports and how to get to Maastricht from them via public transport. For finding the cheapest deals for flights, we recommend that you check out a comparison site such as skyscanner or momondo. It requires a bit of energy to search through all of the airports but it may end up saving you a penny or two!

If it’s your first time arriving in Maastricht, it’s a good idea to check out all the different airport options in and around the city. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t just look at the flight logistics, it’s important to think about the connections from the airport you choose to get to the city itself. This is especially important if your flight arrives late or leaves early as public transport does not run overnight and, while it’s not the end of the world, you probably don’t want to find yourself stranded in another city having missed the final train or bus of the day. 

You might also find our section on trains helpful, which are generally the best way to get to and from the nearby airports.

Where in the Netherlands should I fly to?

There are three main airports in the Netherlands that connect to Maastricht fairly easily.

Maastricht/Aachen airport is the closest airport. The only way of getting to and from this airport by public transport is by taking bus number 59. It goes from the airport to Maastricht’s central station and leaves every half hour. This journey will only take you half an hour and costs €3.50 with an OV chipkaart and less than €5 without.

If you’re coming from Amsterdam airport you will need to get a ticket from Amsterdam/Schipol Airport to Maastricht Central Station. This will cost you around €25 and the journey will take two hours and forty minutes. You may have to change trains either at Utrecht Centraal, Eindhoven station or Sittard. There is also the cheaper option of taking a Flixbus from either Schiphol, Amsterdam Sloterdijk or Bijlmer. 

Eindhoven airport is another excellent airport to use when travelling to Maastricht. A lot of discount airlines such as Ryanair, Transavia and WizzAir fly from Eindhoven, making it an easy place to fly from for a weekend getaway. To get from Eindhoven to Maastricht, simply catch the 400 or 401 bus from the airport bus station to Eindhoven central train station. This takes approximately 30 minutes and buses leave every eight minutes during daytime. The buses depart from right in front of the airport terminal. From Eindhoven central station you can then catch a train to Maastricht which takes an hour. The overall journey price is going to be around €30.

All of the prices mentioned are the current standard prices when using an OV chipkaart without a discount.

KLM shuttle bus

If you fly with the Dutch airline KLM  from or to either one of the airports in the Netherlands, you can make use of their free shuttle-service! KLM provides a bus line that goes from Maastricht Central Station to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. On its route, it also stops at Maastricht-Aachen airport and at Eindhoven Airport. The bus goes both ways twice a day, so take the one that ensures you will be on time for your check-in!

The bus departs from Maastricht at the international bus stop on Meerssenerweg right next to the central train station. 

When you fly with KLM you can take this bus without any extra charge, but you need to book a seat in the bus when you are buying the flight ticket! This means that the destination/departure of your journey must be stated as Maastricht. If the service is not visibly included on the ticket and the itinerary shows another start/finish than Maastricht, you will not be allowed to board the bus. Therefore, contact your booking office and make sure the bus ride is shown on your ticket!

Check out more detailed information on the KLM Bus for departure times, exact location, booking procedure, etc.

Where in Belgium should I fly to?

There are two airports in Brussels. If you come from Zaventem airport (the national airport of Belgium), you can catch a train to Maastricht. Follow the escalators all the way down to floor -1, where the train station is located. Here, you can buy a ticket for €16.90. You can also purchase a ticket from the SNCB International website. The fastest way back to Maastricht from the airport is to take the train from Brussels Airport → Leuven, Leuven → Liege Guillemins and finally Liege → Maastricht. This should take you 1,5-2,5h depending on the transfer times. Your other option is to take the train to Hasselt and switch to a train to Maastricht in Hasselt. This option takes about three hours. 

Be aware – the train station is called “Brussels Airport Zaventem”. Don’t book your ticket for just “Zaventem”, as this is the town next to the airport and not the airport itself.

The second airport around Brussels is called “Charleroi”. A lot of budget airlines fly to this airport. If you fly to Brussels South Charleroi Airport then you can first take the shuttle bus A from the airport to Charleroi Sud train station. From here, you can take the train to Liege Guillemins and from Liège to Maastricht. The whole journey will cost you approximately €17.  Be aware that travelling to Charleroi airport takes a lot of time due to transfer times! The travel time is approximately 3,5-4h to Maastricht. You also have the option of using Flixbus. You can take the Flixbus from Charleroi Airport to Brussels Zuid train station and from there take the train to Brussels Midi or Central and then travel via Liège to Maastricht. 

Where in Germany should I fly to?

Getting from Germany to Maastricht can be very handy as Frankfurt and Düsseldorf have a lot of international connections. The closest airports are Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt.  

How do I get from Düsseldorf to Maastricht?

If you are travelling from Düsseldorf International airport in Germany, you should first take the sky train from the terminal to the Düsseldorf airport train station. From here you can get a one way ticket to Maastricht for around €20. Journey times can vary but the average time is about 2,5-3h. You will have to change trains a few times on this journey. It is easiest to check train schedules on Google Maps. 

How do I get from Cologne airport to Maastricht?

When travelling from Cologne (“Köln”)/Bonn airport, you first have to catch the S-Bahn train to the Cologne Central train station. From Cologne main station you can then take either a bus or a train to Aachen for around €20. This takes around 1,5 hours. From Aachen you can catch Arriva Qliner 350 which takes you to Maastricht central station. The bus also has several stops in Maastricht so check which stop is closest to your accommodation. Your OV-chip card is valid on the 350 bus. There is also a direct Flixbus from Maastricht to Cologne airport twice a day so if it fits your schedule, it is both the fastest and easiest way to your destination. The Flixbus takes 1h 45 min.  

How can I travel from Frankfurt to Maastricht?

A final option for travelling to Maastricht from Germany is via Frankfurt airport. You will first have to take the train from the airport to Cologne and then travel via Aachen to Maastricht. The journey time varies but is approximately 3,5h and will cost you around €65. 

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