Car sharing

Car sharing can be a cheap and easy way of travelling to different cities. If you need, or want to offer a carpool ride to a specific location then check out these Facebook initiatives: Maastricht’s Mitfahrgelegenheiten and Carpool Maastricht. There are a lot of other Facebook pages offering rides to other locations. Try using Facebook’s search function with a combination of the following keywords: Maastricht, mitfahrgelegenheit, carpool.

There are also a lot of WhatsApp groups for students from certain cities such as Frankfurt, Cologne and Hamburg where unofficial car sharing is discussed. 

In addition to unofficial Facebook and WhatsApp groups, BlaBla Car offers carpooling. This is a site that allows people to enter their journeys and offer rides for a small price. Just enter your start and end location and you can find the rides between these locations. It is advised to check the carpool a couple of days before your departure date.

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