Dental care

If you’re looking to visit a dentist, you do not have to go through a GP (Huisart) first, but can approach the relevant clinic directly.

For dental clinics, the Netherlands has a quality register (in Dutch), which can be useful for finding a suitable dentist in your area. You can also check out the ‘health’ section in our map to see the locations of different dental clinics in Maastricht. The clinics are private (which also means your basic Dutch insurance won’t cover you), and the Dutch are very conscientious when it comes to dental care, so it’s recommended to apply to a few different clinics to increase your chances of getting an appointment, as they often have waiting lists!

Dental care prices are regulated by the government. These rates are called UTP-codes and apply at all clinics – a basic check-up, for example, will cost you €22.16. You can use this PDF (in Dutch) to see an overview of treatments and their rates. Lastly, dental clinics are required to inform you if a treatment will cost you more than €250.

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