Psychological Support

Moving to a new city can be very stressful, especially in the first few months. Fortunately, the university offers a range of psychological support services to help you with any problem you might have, from anxiety about your studies, to eating disorders.

The two main types of psychological support offered are individual appointments or group sessions. Individual appointments can help you if you need to talk to someone about your problems. These include problems such as study-related issues, anxiety, depression, conflicts with family etc. The group workshops provide training for students on issues like mindfulness, stress management and loss and mourning.

To find out what suits you best you can drop by the walk-in hours for a Quick Psychological Referral or use the decision tree chart (accessible after login with your student ID). To register for the group activities, follow this link. If you have an emergency, it is best call your own GP. For out of office hours, call the huisartsenpost on 043-387 7777.

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