You will most likely need a pharmacy at one point or another during your time in Maastricht. There are multiple pharmacies located around Maastricht. Some of the larger general practitioner offices have a pharmacy next to them but if your GP’s office does not have one, there’s no need to worry as there are plenty of options around town. 

How to register with a pharmacy?

Like with the GP (huisarts), you may want to register with a pharmacy (apotheek) when you move to Maastricht. If you plan on using the same pharmacy often or if you need to pick up medications regularly, this may be a smart decision. 

We highly recommend you choose an apotheek that is close to your home, both for convenience and safety (e.g. if you urgently need to pick up medicine). You can easily find pharmacies in Maastricht on our city map. The next step will be to simply call or email them (check their website to see which they prefer), and give them your contact and health insurance details. The process is quick, free and will definitely make your life easier! 

Medicine and prescriptions

Prescription medicine can only be bought at pharmacies in the Netherlands (for non-prescription meds, you can visit a drugstore like Kruidvat or Etos). While it is possible to purchase prescription drugs at a pharmacy you’re not registered with, we still highly recommend you register, as it will make your life easier for the following reasons:

  •  The pharmacy can receive the prescription directly from your GP, so that you can collect the medicine whenever suits you best, without having to present the prescription beforehand
  •  Registering entails giving the pharmacy a copy of your medical history; this is convenient because the pharmacy can double-check you won’t be prescribed incompatible medicines
  • If your pharmacy is registered with your particular insurance scheme, you generally won’t have to pay directly for the medicine (although that depends on the particular prescription and your policy) 
  • If you’re registered, some pharmacies can even deliver medications to your home free of charge, or may offer you the option of retrieving prescriptions after hours
  • Many GPs also have a message service where you can order repeats of on-going prescription medicine, which you can collect from your pharmacy the next day
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