Harassment and sexual assault

Know that if you have been the victim of sexual assault, there is help available. As soon as you can, get in touch with the sexual assault centre in Maastricht by calling 0800 0188. You can call them any time of day or night if you need help. If you go to their centre at the MUMC+ hospital in Maastricht, there is a team of doctors, nurses, police officers, psychologists, social workers and sex therapists who will work together to provide specialist care.

Everything is confidential and the nurse who meets you will stay with you throughout the entire process so that you feel comfortable. Everyone who works there is a professional and they will make sure you do not have to repeat your story more times than necessary.

The service is open to anyone – man, woman, child, adult, LGBT or straight, tourist or resident. Whilst they can help you most effectively if you go to them as soon as possible after the incident, you can get in contact with them at any time about a sexual assault in the past – it is never too late to get help.

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