Addiction and substance abuse

Addiction is a danger many students underestimate. Drugs are not only dangerous because of the substances which might be mixed into them. An addiction, not only to drugs but also to different behaviours (e.g. gaming), often messes up the situation and studies of students and sometimes even endangers one’s life. If you worry that you might have a drug problem, or maybe one of your friends does, you can get in touch with the department of addiction prevention Mondriaanin Maastricht. Mondriaan is an organisation with more than 40 locations in Limburg and they are specialised in aiding and treating addiction. Not only do they treat patients, they are also generally approachable with all questions you might have regarding the topic.

You can contact Mondriaan Addiction Prevention at: 

Mail:; Phone: 088 506 7200.

Just looking for some reliable and objective information about alcohol, drugs and other addictions?

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