Family doctor

In the Dutch system, the family doctor, or GP (Huisarts) is the gatekeeper to healthcare. Every student should have a family doctor. This way you can get medical attention when you need it. Register with a doctor in your neighbourhood as soon as you can, to receive proper medical care and avoid burdening hospital emergency services.

Unless there is in an emergency, you should always first consult your family doctor who will, if necessary, refer you to a specialist. Only your GP can refer you to necessary further specialists. Exempt from this rule is dental care, where you can approach a dentist or dentist clinic directly.

If you have Dutch health insurance, you should also know that seeing a GP in the Netherlands is covered by basic insurance. Lastly, it is highly recommended that your GP not be further than 15 minutes from where you live.

Check out our map function to find your closest doctor, dentist or pharmacy. Once you have found one, you can then call the office and make an appointment. There are also certain pharmacies that are open 24/7 which you can find on this website.


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