Family doctor outside of office hours

In all non-life-threatening situations, you should always first contact your family doctor (GP), even in an emergency. However, if you find yourself in a non-life-threatening medical emergency and you need a family doctor outside of office hours, you should contact the Huisartsenpost Maastricht en Heuvelland. This is a cooperative venture between all GPs in the area providing urgent GP care outside regular consultation hours: every day between 5:00 PM and 8:00 AM, throughout the weekend, and on all recognised public holidays

Call the huisartsenpost

You cannot simply show up at the huisartsenpost; you always need to call them first to explain your problem or symptoms to the doctor’s assistant. The doctor’s assistant will then determine whether or not an appointment is needed for a consultation, or if a doctor will visit you at home.

When should you call the huisartsenpost?

The huisartsenpost should only be contacted in non-life-threatening emergencies that happen when your regular GP practice is closed. If you find yourself in such an emergency and your GP practice is open, you should always contact them first.

What is a non-life-threatening emergency?

  • Acute, disturbing symptoms
  • Sudden severe pain
  • High fever (with your child)
  • Increasing serious illness

What is not an emergency?

  • Longer existing complaints
  • Annoying, but not serious complaints
  • Repeat prescriptions

If you experience these symptoms outside your GP’s office hours, you should wait and call them when they are open again.

Have your information ready

If you do need to call the huisartsenpost, you should have the following information ready to provide to the doctor’s assistant:

  • Your ID
  • Your address and telephone number
  • Your insurance card or other proof of insurance
  • The name of your regular GP
  • An overview of any medication(s) you might be taking

If the doctor’s assistant asks you to come in for an appointment, you should bring this information with you.

Huisartsenpost contact and location

Phone number:

043 7500 123


Huisartsenpost Maastricht en Heuvelland

  1. Debyelaan 25 6229 HX Maastricht

The GP Medical Post Maastricht and Heuvelland is based adjacent to the accident and emergency department (Spoedeisende Hulp) at Maastricht University Hospital.

Follow the blue signs ‘Maastricht UMC’ and ‘Huisartsenpost‘.


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