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There are also plenty of bike sharing options in Maastricht; these include Arriva and OV-fiets. Bike sharing can be a good option for those who won’t need a bike too often: you can simply take them out for the day or a couple of hours. Bear in mind that you’ll need an OV-chipkaart to use the OV-fiets.

You can rent an OV-fiets from the train station. However, bear in mind that in the beginning of the academic year the demand is very high and a bike may not always be available. The price for an OV fiets is €4.15 for the first 24h. After this the price is €5 per day for the next two days. You should return the OV fiets to the same location where you rented it from, otherwise you will have to pay an additional fee of €10. 

The Arriva fiets works through a mobile app. You can download the Hello Bike app onto your phone and attach your bank details onto the app. The Arriva bike has to be picked up from certain locations which are located around the city and has to be returned to one of the stops but the stop does not necessarily have to be the one where you originally took the bike from. The Arriva fiets is charged on a minute basis. The first 20 minutes cost €1 and after that the cost is €0.05 per minute. You can also rent the Arriva fiets for 24h which will cost you €9. 

If you’re looking to rent a bike that has gears or suspension (a race bike or a mountain bike, for example) then you should get in touch with a local bike shop and see what they have on offer. Besides the short-term rental options mentioned there are also companies specialised in long-term bike rental. A simple Google search for ‘monthly bike rental’ or ‘maandelijkse fietsverhuur’ will give you some good results.

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