Healthcare expenses

How much does a doctor’s appointment cost in the Netherlands? How much does health insurance cost? In this page, we’ll cover all about healthcare expenses, and more!

Dutch basic health insurance (basisverzekering)

You may be wondering whether you need to take out Dutch basic health insurance for your stay in Maastricht. Not everyone is required to do this, so make sure to check! All of the relevant information can be found under our health insurance page. For those who do need basisverzekering, here’s what it would cost you…

According to Zorgwijzer, the cheapest basic health insurance you can find in the Netherlands costs around €100 per month. This comes down to about €1,100 a year. Such a plan has limited hospital coverage (access to 146 out of 277 hospitals) and a (voluntary) deductible of €885 per year (in the Netherlands, the compulsory deductible is €385). Having this deductible means that you pay the first €885 of any medical costs you incur, and your insurance takes over once you’ve fulfilled this amount. Bear in mind that this amount needs to be paid in addition to your premium – in this case meaning in addition to the €100 per month that you’re paying for the insurance plan.

In comparison, the most expensive basic health insurance on Zorgwijzer costs €145.25 per month (around €1,750 per year). This plan allows you to go to any hospital in the Netherlands; you’ll pay the compulsory deductible of €385 (remember, this means you cover €385 first – in addition to the €145.25 per month – and only after will your insurance take over the costs of your care).

Health insurance subsidy (zorgtoeslag)

If you’re already stressing at the high cost of basisverzekering, don’t worry! You may be eligible for zorgtoeslag, or healthcare subsidy, which goes to paying the costs of your Dutch health insurance (note: you can only apply for zorgtoeslag if you’re legally obliged to take out basisverzekering). This subsidy is paid by the government, and it’s not a loan, so you don’t even have to pay it back! The conditions for eligibility and application process can all be found under our dedicated page. How much money you’ll get depends on your income, but if you’re a student and work a student job, you’ll probably receive around €107 per month.

Doctor’s appointments

How much does a basic appointment with a general practitioner (GP, or huisart) cost? A GP visit in the Netherlands costs around €30. Your GP is the only person who can refer you for specialised care, for example to go to the hospital. They can also give you basic pharmacy prescriptions. If you want to learn more about the healthcare system in the Netherlands, check out our health section!

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