Energy allowance

Are you an international student in Maastricht who is currently struggling to pay high energy bills? Well the municipality of Maastricht wants to help! There is now a possibility of receiving an energy subsidy for international students in 2024. You can apply for the subsidy until June 30, 2024, as long as you meet the following criteria: 

  • You are 18 years or older 
  • You will follow a full-time course at MBO, HBO or University level for at least 6 months in 2024 
  • You are a registered citizen in Maastricht (you have a BsGW) 
  • You do not currently receive, nor will you receive student financing from DUO 
  • You are renting a room or live in independent accommodation in Maastricht 
  • Your energy contract is in your name. However, if you pay a monthly amount for your energy use to your landlord you can still apply as long as you submit a document, which proves this. 
  • Your net income per month (without holiday pay) does not exceed 110 % of the maximum amount that DUO pays to students living away from home. For university students this is €1,339.75  
  • Your savings also count as income if they exceed the following amounts: 
  • Single-person household: €1,700 
  • Cohabitating household: €2,300 

 How to apply? 

Applying for the subsidy is very simple. You must complete the digital application form, which you can find on the municipality website.   

You will need a copy or photo of the following documents for the application: 

  • Valid passport or identity card 
  • Rental contract and proof of rent payment 
  • Energy contract and proof of payment (or a document, which states that you pay your energy costs directly to your landlord and a proof of payment) 
  • Proof of study registration 
  • A pay slip, benefit specification or bank statement (only for alimony, other income and parental contributions) 
  • Your bank card or a bank statement from the account through which you want to receive the compensation 

Please note that if you are applying together with your partner, send a copy or photo of your partner’s documents in the same application as well!  

If you have any further questions, the municipality has provided an FAQ section and their contact information if you are unsure whether you are eligible. You can find more information here.  

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