Rental prices

How much you pay in rent depends on many factors. Also, depending on whether you rent from the social or private sector, there may be a maximum limit to the amount of rent you should be paying.

You should be able to find a room within your budget if you think ahead – bear in mind that if you’re looking for something closer to the €300 mark, you should definitely start looking early, because housing goes fast. By ‘early’, we mean April – for those starting school in September – and around November / December for those starting in February. Starting your house search a few months in advance will allow you to familiarise yourself with the housing market, and get an idea of prices, quality of the rooms, neighbourhoods, etc. You are also more likely to catch the better offerings once they go on the market. Overall, we estimate that a good range to keep in mind for rental prices is between €300-700.

All-in rent

You should also always pay attention to whether or not a rental price is inclusive of gas, water and electricity (G/W/E) and any other service costs (e.g. upkeep of communal areas, household waste disposal, costs of minor repairs, etc.) – when rental price does not distinguish between the basic rent and any additional costs, the rent is considered ‘all-in’.

All-in rent is illegal in the Netherlands, because it prevents tenants from checking whether their basic rent is too high, whether the additional costs are being charged correctly, and whether any rental increases are too high. If the rental price of an accommodation you are interested in is all-in, you can request the landlord to split the rent into its components (basic rent, and G/W/E and service charges). If you are renting an accommodation and your rent is all-in, send your landlord a letter asking them to split it; if they don’t cooperate, contact the Huurteam Zuid-Limburg.

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