Moving and transport

Most stores will also offer a furniture delivery service for an extra charge. Always double check with them before you pay. If you need to transport the furniture yourself, you have a number of options.

If you are moving all your stuff yourself, you might need some boxes. You can get medium sized “banana boxes” from most larger supermarkets. In the Albert Heijn at Plein 1992, these boxes are all piled into an even larger box for you to help yourself from. At other stores, you may need to ask, but most workers will be happy to help you if you say you’re moving house. Beware though- these are not the big secure boxes you might be looking for. Banana boxes are like a strong tray with sides of about 10-15cm.

If you are looking for ways to pack up all your stuff more securely, you can buy “verhuisdoos” from Action (for 0,98 cents) or Hema (1,75 euros). These are 50 litre cardboard boxes that have flaps that can close without the need for tape. As long as you’re not filling them with bricks, they should hold together!

It is always worth posting on sharing is caring to see if anyone is free to help you move. The members of the group will often point you in the direction of local businesses or individuals that offer furniture moving services.

Another option is simply to rent a van for a day. Renting a van comes with specific laws and regulations. You should speak to individual car companies about their own policies. 

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