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A lot of students in Maastricht advertise housing on Facebook. If you’re looking for a room in a student house this is a popular way to find people. It can be cool to be housemates with older students who can show you around the city! Rooms in shared houses are how most students live and it’s a lot cheaper than having your own studio!

There are lots of pages but try the following Facebook groups first:Rooms/ Kamer/ Zimmer in Maastricht, Rooms for rent, Maastricht Student Rooms, Maastricht Room Search, and Flat Hunting Maastricht.

Unfortunately, these pages are also the places scammers target the most. Be careful of anything that looks too good to be true. Most student houses will want to meet you first. You should always be able to look round a place before signing or paying the deposit. At minimum, ask to do a skype call with the landlord whilst they’re in the property you’ll be renting.

A contract should always be signed before paying the deposit, and if you’re ever asked to transfer money to a bank account with an IBAN that doesn’t begin with NL then beware. This is especially true when the IBAN isn’t from a country near the Netherlands, like Italy or Turkey which have been named in multiple scams. This page is directed at housing in Amsterdam but has good information about avoiding scams.

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