Personal safety

Personal safety is rarely a problem in Maastricht, but it is always important to be careful. Bear in mind that mixing alcohol and soft or hard drugs can be dangerous. Always keep an eye on your drink when in a pub or nightclub to make sure nobody spikes your drink.

It is illegal to carry weapons such as pepper spray or knives with you in the Netherlands. This is often an issue with German girls who are used to carrying pepper spray because it is not illegal there. However, in the Netherlands, instead of protecting yourself you are actually committing a felony. If you are concerned about personal safety late at night then ask a friend to walk you home or take a taxi.

Recently there have been reports regarding needle spiking. This is very unfortunate but we hope that you will not experience spiking. It is important to keep a look out for your surroundings and to take care of your friends. If you suspect being needle spiked, call the police. If you think you have been spiked, visit your GP. They will be able to check for signs of needle spiking.

Within the MUMC hospital in Maastricht is the Sexual Assault Centre. They can provide professional help and will make sure that all issues are taken care of for you. A forensic nurse will meet you and stay with you the whole time throughout your visit. Call their emergency number at 0800 0188, or look at their website or our page on sexual health for more information.

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