The tenant and landlord have their own responsibilities to maintain, repair and replace parts of the rented accommodation. Big issues are the responsibility of the landlord. He/she is responsible for things such as leakages, replacing broken heaters etc. Small and daily maintenance and damages incurred by yourself are the responsibility of the tenant. These are defined in this downloadable document. If the landlord also takes care of these small daily repairs, he or she is eligible to charge you in the form of service costs. However, this is only the case when you and your landlord discussed and agreed on this explicitly.

In general:

  • The tenant pays for minor repairs and the landlord for major repairs and maintenance;
  • The tenant must have easy access to make minor repairs and the repairs must not be expensive. Otherwise, the landlord must pay for them;
  • The tenant must allow the landlord to enter the accommodation to carry out maintenance or repairs.
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