Private rental agencies

If you cannot find a room through Maastricht Housing (the official student housing portal) then you can also look at traditional housing agencies and estate agents.

The easiest way to look at all the rooms on offer is Pararius.nlThe website gives an overview of what the local agencies and estate agents have. Some of the rooms are good, but they’re less thoroughly checked than the rooms available on Maastricht Housing, so be careful!

Often, the housing offered on is more expensive than the housing offered at Maastricht Housing. Always check for hidden costs like mediation or administrative fees, which are illegal in the Netherlands. In addition, make sure your agent complies with the Dutch regulations about rental prices and deposits.

How to be careful renting on Pararius

  • Don’t pay to view a room! Agency fees are not legal in the Netherlands. Find out more on our page about agency fees
  • Check your rent (website in Dutch). In the Netherlands, rent prices are fixed according to a point system. Points are given for facilities. This means that you don’t pay more for things such as location or nice looks! If you need help with your rent check, contact the Huurteam Zuid-Limburg for free advice.  
  • Check your contract. There are some things that should be in your contract, and some things that shouldn’t
  • If you pay service costs (electricity & water) monthly, check whether you also get an annual account. This account states what you have and haven’t used and whether you get money back

There are other comparison websites, though is the most commonly used in Maastricht. The other options are : FundaHuurwoning, and Direct Wonen.

It is also possible to go directly through a housing agency. A lot of students or expats find their apartment this way. However, please be aware that students do not always have good experiences with these agencies. Always contact the Huurteam Zuid-Limburg if you’re unsure whether you’re receiving fair treatment or not.

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