18 years is the legal age requirement for purchasing alcohol in the Netherlands. According to Dutch Law, mildly alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and low alcohol content spirits can be sold in supermarkets and licensed liquor stores. Petrol stations are not allowed to sell alcoholic drinks. The sale of stronger drinks (spirits with an alcohol content higher than 15%) is restricted to licensed liquor stores.

As a student you should also be aware of the large fines associated with excessive drinking behaviour. We give some examples below but if you want more information you should download this document.

  • urinating in public: €140
  • making too much noise (loud music or shouting): €140
  • drinking in public: €140
  • being obviously drunk in public: €90
  • insulting a police officer: €500 or more

Cycling when drunk is a common cause of injury among students in Maastricht. So refrain from doing it.

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