Organic (food) waste

Dedicated green bins are assigned to each household; these should be used for biodegradable waste, meaning vegetables, fruits, garden things and remaining food scraps (GFT+E, or Groente, Fruit, Tuin + Etensresten). If there is anything that could be put in compost, throw it in your green bin! Bins are assigned to houses, so check if you have one already; be aware that the bins have chips in them, so you should be using the one that is linked to where you actually live (there is an address sticker on each bin). If your house doesn’t have one, request one here (with your DigiD). If your bin broke, went missing, or needs to be (re-)chipped, check out how to proceed on the municipality website

The bins can get a little stinky, so a good idea is to place some old paper at the base of the bin. You can also keep the green bin in an outside area, like your bike shed, and collect waste in your kitchen using dedicated biodegradable bags with either the ‘Kiemplantlogo’ or ‘OK-compostlogo’ (which can be bought cheaply at the supermarket). Once the bag in your kitchen is full, bring it to the green bin outside. Each house is entitled to one larger bin and one smaller bin so in the case that you live with multiple people, it may be a good idea to collect your waste into the smaller bin and then empty it into the larger. This will help with any smell or fruit fly problems that your green bin might otherwise bring you. The organic waste is collected each week, so check the Milieu App to see when you should put out your bins for them to be collected by the municipality. You are allowed to put the green bin outside your house after 19h on the evening before the pick-up day. 

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