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Match helps students to contribute to the community of Maastricht – are you looking for an alternative way of housing? Match offers affordable and social housing for students who like to get involved in the Maastricht community. They currently offers two housing initiatives…

Match Houses

Match Houses is an initiative of Maastricht University. The idea is that you can live rent-free (you only pay gas, water and electricity) in exchange for 8 hours of work per week. You will spend your working hours in your neighbourhood, contributing to your local community. The houses are located throughout Maastricht and you will live with one or two other students who are also part of the project.

The aim is that you collectively set-up your own social initiatives by connecting with your neighbours to create a dynamic community. In order to join this initiative you will need to go through an application process. Please note that you will have to speak basic Dutch in order to join the project and live in a Match house.


HomeSharing brings together locals with diverse support questions and young people in search of housing. A local might be looking for more social contact, a helping hand or someone to learn a new language from. Young people are in need of affordable housing and a place to call home in a new city. HomeSharing combines both. The project was inspired by the success of Homeshare International.

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