Big pieces of trash

If you want to throw out something like your fridge or your sofa, you need to go to one of the environmental parks (milieuparken). For this, you can check out our page on environmental parks in Maastricht.

If you don’t have a car, it is also possible to get the municipality to come and collect large items of trash, though this comes with a cost. Information on the municipality page is only available in Dutch, but clicking the orange button on the right side of the page will take you to the DigiD website, which can be changed to English, and through which you can request to have your large items picked up.

If you have something like a sofa that is still in fairly good condition, you can contact the secondhand store Kringloop Zuid (in Dutch) to see if they’re willing to accept it. If they are, they will come and pick it up from you for free. This way, you can give your usable items a second life! 

In the case that you have large pieces of trash, for example, furniture packaging and you don’t want to wait for the cardboard pick-up date, you can take these to the environmental parks. 

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