Rules and regulations for residents

If you want to be a good neighbour, then you need to follow the basic rules and regulations for residents. It’s understandable that frustrations rise when students aren’t following the rules that are designed to make the city a more pleasant place to live. In order to help everyone get on with each other, we lay out the basic regulations you need to follow. 

Dispose of your garbage properly

We have a whole section on throwing your garbage away correctly, so please look! If it is thrown out too early, it can look very unsightly piled up on the pavement, as well as being rather smelly. If you have any questions, you can always look at the mywaste app, which has a calendar of when waste is collected and how to dispose of it. 

Bike Safety

We have a whole section on bikes, so check it out! Bike safety comprises of two parts- cycling safely, and parking your bike in the right area. Road safety is really important in Maastricht, with its numerous pedestrian areas and bike lanes. If you want more information on how to be safe (and how to avoid fines!) look at our page on road safety.

Residents of Maastricht also ask that you do not pile bikes up against their houses or leave them on the pavement. This can be unsafe, and is unnecessary given how many proper bike parking places there are in the city. Always try to find somewhere unobtrusive to store you bike, and remember to lock it correctly.

(Noise) Complaints

House parties are a lot of fun! But they are less enjoyable for your neighbours who are trying to sleep. You can look at our page on house parties for more information, but most people are amenable to lowering the noise level after a quick conversation.

If you’re having problems with your own neighbours, then you can always use the complaints line on the Meldt App. This was created by the municipality to make it easier for you to report a problem.

Contact Information

If you spot any problems in your neighbourhood, or any noise or nouisance from your neighbours, you can use the following contact information to file a complaint:

Give feedback

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