Discrimination when searching for a room

Below, you can read about the different options available to you in case you (believe you) have been a victim of discrimination, when searching for a room or otherwise, in Maastricht.

Police complaint

If you have grounds to believe you’re being discriminated against when searching for a room (or otherwise) you can inform the police by filling in this form (which is in Dutch, but an online translator should work fine).

Limburg anti-discrimination platform

Secondly, you can submit a report to the local platform against discrimination (website in Dutch) in the Province of Limburg if you have any discrimination complaints.

Maastricht University advisor

Lastly, students at Maastricht University can reach out to a confidential student advisor for free. As implied in the name, any information you give them will be strictly confidential. They’ll be able to help and give you advice.

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