Applying for a Milieupas

When you move, you automatically receive a Milieupas (environmental pass) (see image below) and waste calendar (in Dutch) at your new address, that is, if you let the municipality know that you’ve moved.

Didn’t receive a Milieupas? Then you can easily apply for a new one. First of all, find out which person in your house pays for the waste collection tax (afvalstoffenheffing). This is the person who should apply for the Milieupas. This can be done online (in Dutch). If you are unsure about who pays for the waste collection tax in your house, you can find out by calling the BsGW in Roermond on 088 – 8420420. They will tell you who should apply for the Milieupas. If you change address, you will automatically receive a new one, provided that you have registered your new address at the municipality.

Lastly, it is also worth noting that your Milieupas is embedded in the Milieu App itself; however, keep in mind that you cannot use the pass in the Milieu App for certain things, like the underground containers for non-recyclable waste; for these, you need the physical pass.

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