Fire Safety

Fire safety is obviously very important, but many students are too lax with it. Your landlord should have installed appropriate fire safety precautions. If you’re not setting them off when you burn toast, regularly check that your fire alarms are working!

In the kitchen, make sure that you have a way of stopping a pan fire. This can either by a small fire extinguisher or a fire blanket. Be careful never to pour water on an oil fire in the kitchen, as this will make the situation considerably worse. 

If you’re concerned about fire safety in your living space, talk to your landlord or housing corporation. Landlords have a legal responsibility to make sure their house is safe and that they keep up to date on maintenance issuesIf you want to be sure that the new place your renting is fire safe, look for a place that has the housing keurmark.

You can read more about fire safety in this document from the Maastricht fire brigade. There is also a really useful page from the Dutch fire brigade about fires in student homes. You can find the page here. Whilst it is in Dutch, it has very useful information, and can be translated easily using the google chrome plugin.

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