Environmental parks

Every household should have a Milieupas (environmental pass). This pass allows you to make use of any of the environmental parks (milieuparken) around Maastricht, where you can dispose of things you no longer want. If you don’t have a Milieupas or you lost it, check out our page to see how you can apply for a new one.

The milieuparken are big recycling points for larger recyclable and non-recyclable waste. They are situated a little further outside the city, so they are probably not going to be your go-to points for recycling; for this, you would go to the milieuperrons (see our section on PBD, glass and paper). However, you may have to make use of these larger environmental parks if you want to get rid of bigger pieces of trash. You can drop off most waste at the milieuparken for free, but some (non-recyclable) waste will cost you money. You can find the rates here (in Dutch). 

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