Burglary and theft

Maastricht is generally considered a very safe city . Nevertheless, there is some basic advice that is worth following to avoid burglary and theft. Bike theft is extremely common so use a good lock and try to lock your bike to a proper bike rack. Also, try not to leave your bike lights attached to your bike! We recommend taking them off and keeping them in your pocket, or zip tying them to your bike. 

Burglaries in student residences are on the rise so keep your doors locked when away and lock your valuables in drawers or cupboards. Common mistakes that students make are leaving windows open when popping out to the shops. Being aware of the risks can go a long way to improving the safety of your home, so if you want any tips you can look at the “Burglar proof” initiative from the local police force. 

If you need to report a crime, you can do so on the police website, in English. You can also go to the police station at Prins Bisschopsingel 53, 6212AB, Maastricht. The police station is open to the public every day from 08.30h until 22.00h.

In case of a burglary, most rental contracts ask you to have contents insurance, which you can read more about on our specific page for that topic, by clicking on the link. 

In any suspicious situation, call 112. If you see something suspicious in action, call 112. It is better to check it out even if nothing was happening – better safe than sorry!

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